Engagement Ring Diamonds: H/si & G/vs explained

We offer three different types of quality diamonds in our engagement rings for customers to choose depending on their budget and general preference.

They include standard 0.25, 0.33 or 0.5 carat diamonds as well as premium grade H/si and G/vs diamonds. 


Find out more about H/si and G/vs diamonds below:



Colour H: A near colourless white diamond with no colour tint easily noticeable to the naked eye. 

Clarity Si: A diamond's clarity is established by the absence of little flaws called 'inclusions' - 'Si' stands for "slightly included". The imperfections in diamonds of this grade can be easily seen with a jeweller's high powered magnifying glass (x10 magnification) but are undetectable to the unaided eye.  

Summary: H/si quality diamonds are a fantastic choice for our range of engagement rings. With bright white diamonds that have no visible imperfections, you cannot go wrong.



Colour G: A bright white diamond. Expert knowledge is needed to identify any colour tint. In other words, these diamonds can essentially be considered near colourless.

Clarity Vs: An exceptional grade of diamond with 'Vs' standing for 'very slightly included' meaning there are little to no imperfections. The imperfections in diamonds of this grade can only be detected with expert knowledge and with the use of a high-powered jeweller's loupe (magnifying glass). 

Summary: G/vs quality diamonds are rare stones with exceptional beauty. The high grade nature of these diamonds produces a beautiful and brilliant sparkle - a connoisseur's choice.